2018 Quincentennial Golf Trophy Match Report

The Quincentennial Trophy was held at a sunny, and very warm, Rothley Park Golf Club on Saturday 14 July, with 12 OL’s competing in this annual Rothley Club competition to commemorate 500 years of Loughborough Grammar School.

The overall competition was won by Rothley member Charlie Preston, who won with a total of 37 points. The leading Loughburian Trophy went to Jonathan Carlisle with a very creditable 36 points.

Other Loughburian scores of note were:

Roger Collins – 34 points
Stephen Hilton 32 points
Adam Collier – 31 points
Nick Preston – 31 points
Nick Hardy – 31 points

The next event is the Autumn Trophy, again at Rothley, with tee off at 1pm on 9 October.  It would be great to see all 12 that played in the Quincentennial Trophy playing again in the Autumn Trophy.  To enter the Autumn Trophy please email Dave Barnett at [email protected]