Miss Bronwen Roberts, Former LHS Head of Art

It is with deep sadness we inform you of the passing of Miss Bronwen Roberts, aged 99, Former Head of Art at LHS from 1944–1977.  Bronwen’s funeral will be held at 2pm on 30th November at Aberystwyth Crematorium. No flowers by request. If any Old Girls would like to write to Miss Chipperfield please do contact us for her address.

Having searched the LHS Archives we have found a lovely tribute to both Miss Roberts and Miss Chipperfield upon their retirement in 1977.   A wonderful tribute to many years dedication to the school.

Extract from 1978 LHS Magazine:
Miss Roberts and Miss Chipperfield
This year the school regretfully relinquished Miss Roberts and Miss Chipperfield after 33 and 22 years respectively as Head of Art and Modern Languages, two more of that distinguished band of senior staff, long-enduring and faithful servants, in whom this school has been peculiarly blessed. It is impossible in the short space available to list their many achievements and activities, and unprofitable to write of them separately as so much would have to be repeated. For example both have obviously been superb teachers and masters of their subjects, the prime purpose of their existence here, and so have added enormously to the interest and pleasure of life generally, not only for those girls to whom they have given the opportunity of proceeding to work in their subjects on leaving school, but also for those less naturally gifted but on whom certainly no less and probably more time, care and labour were lavished. They have organised the work of their departments with thoroughness and efficiency so that they have run smoothly and happily to the benefit of all. Again to girls in their forms, in latter years Sixth Forms, a stage where much important work is done, they have unstintingly given of their time and energies to help anyone in need. Though they have not spared themselves in aiming for high standards and in exercising absolute honesty in all their thinking, towards others they have characterised by generosity and kindness of spirit, tolerance, compassion, understanding, a readiness to see different points of view, to be positive and always helpful. Increasing age or number of years spent in one place has certainly led to no narrowness of mind or vision, no rigidity of attitudes; rather they have shown a liveliness and openness of mind and a willingness to consider and try anything new, that might be thought to be more a characteristic of youth. These qualities have made them appreciated in the staff-room as much as among the girls of the school and they will be greatly missed. Such real concern and effort for the good of others is of inestimable worth in a school community or indeed in any other department of life.